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Venom Dancers 2017

What is Venom Dancers Inc.?
Venom Dancers Inc. is an exciting, spirited and competitive dance squad that performs at Florida A&M University and community events as well as at a number of special events such as parades and greek letter organization functions.

Venom Dancers Inc. was founded in 1994 by:

  • Miriam Watkins, President
  • Kimberly Clark, Vice President
  • Shani Vann, Sgt. At Arms
  • Niki Jackson, Secretary
  • Alison Lewis, Business Manager
  • Katrina Comer, Treasurer
  • Lakara Foster, Asst. Secretary
  • Veronica Nichols, Chaplain
What type of dancing do you do?
Our dance style varies according to what event we are performing for. At athletic events, we usually perform hip-hop, funk, and pom routines during half-time. We perform short sideline dances at basketball games and at football games. We execute short pom sequences in parades. Our style may change to lyrical/ jazz when we perform during intermission at fashion shows, talent shows, etc.
How difficult is it to dance in Venom?
We are an energetic and competitive dance squad. The dances are very demanding and require that the members stay in very good shape. To give you some idea of the dance level: our competition routine for '99 featured kick-layouts, full-squad double turns, switch leaps, leaps, a split pull-through, a heel stretch turn, piquet turns, toe touches, and a full-squad axle turn (not including the stunts). Even the short side-line performances require lots of stamina...and a cheery smile. At least five hours of exercise (outside of practice) is required.
Should I try out?
If you are a serious dancer, enjoy dance, and want to be part of a loving, spirited group of dedicated dancers, go for it! If you are a "shirt-wearer", which is someone who joins an organization just to wear the uniform (quoting Venom member Laquendalynn Washington LOL), I wouldn't suggest that you try out. Previous dance experience, physical fitness, and flexibility will increase your chances of becoming a member. For a run-down on tryout requirements and dates, go to the Tryout Information section.
How often do you practice?
We usually practice twice a week during the beginning of the season for two hours each practice. When things pick up, and we have more performances to do, practice time increases to three times a week and up to three hours each practice.
How does FAMU feel about Venom?
Our popularity amongst FAMU students and alumni is rapidly growing every year. Since it's creation, Venom Dancers has become an integral part of FAMU athletic support and entertainment.
Do you dance with the Marching 100? How can I dance for the band?
Venom does not dance with the Marching 100. We are an independent spirit organization supporting FAMU. The Marching 100 does not have a female dance section. For more information on our prestigious band, please visit The Florida A&M University web page.

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