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Venom Dancer Try-outs are usually held at the end of every Spring semester and at the beginning of every Fall semester. The information at the bottom of the page refers to Fall 2009 Try-outs. If you would like to receive updates about Venom Dancer Try-outs via e-mail,


These are just some general rules that seem to show up on every Venom Dancers Tryout Info. sheet. These rules may be different when you get to tryouts, but in general, they are pretty accurate.

Members of Venom Dancers Inc. must have a certain dancing skill level. Every prospective member must be able to execute the following:

  • Kicks: high, eye level, medium, low, and fan kicks
  • Leaps (Switch leaps, Side leaps or Stag leaps count for extra points)
  • Routines: A tryout routine and an additional "side line" routine. Side line routines are usually made up of 2-4 eight-counts that are repeated twice.
  • Double Turn (Triple turns count for extra points)
  • Splits: right or left (Executing both counts for extra points)
  • Stunts: these will be demonstrated at tryouts
  • Toe Touch

Venom Dancers Inc. is a dance team that likes to project personality, pizzaz, style, and creativity. Prospective members will also be expected to display the following during tryouts:

  • Creativity: In addition to learning the tryout routine, an additional 4 eight-counts of dance created by the prospective member is required.
  • Endurance: Showing a high level of energy (not being worn out) throughout tryouts will impress the judges.
  • Personality: A smile is good...facial expressions are great!
  • Pizzaz: Venom Dancers must be able to move with precision... without being STIFF. We put plenty of hip rolls and graceful arm movements in our routines.
  • Precision: No sloppy arm and leg movements. Venom Dancers must be sharp, sharp, SHARP!

Dress code: It's usualy a good idea to dress according to the following general guidelines:

  • Clothing: Work out gear if you own any (i.e. stretch pants, halter top, leotard, etc.). If not, wear work out shorts and a T-shirt. Don't forget the jazz boots or dance sneakers if you've got them.
  • Hair: If it's long, it's a good idea to tie it back. Just make sure it looks nice and simple.
  • Make up: Please, no run-way fashion models. It's a good idea to wear it, but keep it down to a minimum.

Auditions will be open (spectators will attend). If you know someone who is auditioning, come and give them your support. If not, come out to see who will be the newest members of Venom Dancers Inc.! Tickets for Venom Dancers Auditions will be $1.00 each.


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