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Congratulations on your selection to the Florida A&M University Dance Team. The purpose of this manual is to guide you through the rules and regulations of being a member in good standing of Venom. A violation of these rules can result in your suspension or dismissal from the team. Any concerns should be addressed to the president/advisor.





All members must be students at Florida A&M University and maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or better.


For such a highly visible organization as Venom, all members must be of high moral and ethical standards. NO MEMBER WILL PARTICIPATE IN EVENTS THAT WILL DEGRADE VENOM AND REMAIN ON THE SQUAD.


All members are expected to be respectful of one another and cooperate fully with their president and advisor.


All members are expected to attend all scheduled practices and performances and other activities unless otherwise directed by the president.


All members must be punctual. Repeated lateness to practices/performances will be dealt with harshly (see demerit policy).


Accepting selection to Venom implies a commitment to dance or perform at all contests, activities, to attend and participate in all practice sessions, team meetings and fund-raisers scheduled by the president(Excused absences must be granted by the president or vice-president).


All members are expected to be in top physical condition. In order to meet this criterion, it is expected that squad members eat at least three well-balanced meals per day. You will be expected to attend certain aerobic classes and workouts in addition to practice (see demerit policy).


Members of Venom must recognize that at all times they are representing themselves, the squad, and the University. Therefore, each squad member, so long as she is a member of the squad, must conduct herself in a manner of which will bring credit, not discredit to the Venom Dancers. Venom members must refrain from indiscriminate, improper, or illegal use of alcohol, drugs-narcotics, nicotine, or improper behavior. These are grounds for dismissal.


All members are expected to assist in the planning and conducting of clinics and workshops for the team.


The president/advisor has complete discretion in situations not expressly stated or handled in this manual.


All other rules and regulation contained in the University and Athletic Handbook will be enforced.





* Proper dress to performances will be announced.


* During performances each member must be in full-required uniform (failure to do so will result in inability to perform).


* Venom uniforms and shoes will only be worn to performances and official functions.


* Make-up should be worn naturally for cameras, but not overdone.


* Performing members will be chosen for all games according to talent level, attitude, injury, punctuality, and adherence to rules.


* On the night prior to, as well as the day of an athletic event or scheduled appearance, members should refrain from consuming alcohol/drugs.

In the event that any squad member is under the influence of medication which might hamper ability to perform that member should notify the president and request permission to be excused from performing.


* Sportsmanship must be exemplified at all times. Treat teams, cheerleaders, officials and all others with respect. Mature conduct must be used. Attitudes, profane language, and unappropriated actions WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.





* Only clear deodorant can be used during performances.


* Please be sure that all areas (seen and unseen) are clean-shaven.


* Only clear nail polish should be used while in venom attire.


* No jewelry of any kind will be permitted.


* No perfumes or any other fragrances should be put on before or while in uniform.


* No outlandish hairstyles. Please keep hair neat, orderly, and as natural as possible.


* Make-up is required for performances, but should be kept to a minimum.


* The group goes to all performances together. The group sits together extremely sophisticated. After members have performed their Venomly duties uniforms should be removed and returned in their entirety.


* Performance bags should contain clear deodorant, make-up pouch, comb, brush, razor, safety pins, etc.


* The president will check to make sure all rules of performance are followed before each performance/appearance.


TRAVEL REGULATIONS* Members must bring on scheduled travel appearances


* -Designated uniforms and shoes


-Team bag


-Team shirt


-Caboodle w/ make-up and accessories


-Other travel attire, etc.


* You must be present 15 to 30 minutes prior to departure at designated departure site.


* You must always look presentable (remember that you represent FAMU).


* You must follow your travel schedule and be timely to avoid tardiness.


* Always act mature and professional on the road.


* Use of illegal drugs/alcohol will result in automatic dismissal.


* The team will always stay together unless prior permission is granted in advance.


* Athletic Department and University Guidelines and Regulations will be enforced during travel.