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FALL 1996 ~ SPRING 1997

FEATURED PHOTO: Group photo of the Fall '96 Venom Dancers Squad.

Click on the link to see the photo.

Group photos by Victor R. Gaines

Venom Dancers provided a special escort to the Marching "100" Drum Majors during the homecoming half-time show.

This segment highlights certain events in which Venom Dancers performed.

Rattler Strike:
The Rattler Strike is Florida A&M's homecoming bonfire and pep rally. A large crowd of Rattlers and Rattler fans gathered around a stage set up on our intramural feild. We performed on stage and did a few side-line routines while the marching band played.

Homecoming Football Game:
This was Venom's first appearance at a Rattler football game. It was a new and exciting experience. We performed short side line routines to entertain the crowd.

Homecoming Parade:
Venom Dancers Inc. was a delightful addition to the annual homecoming parade.

Images Fashion Show:
Venom Dancers Inc. not only dances at university functions, we also perform for several FAMU groups and organizations. Images is a fashion modeling troupe that presents a major fashion production each semester. We performed a dazzling routine as the opening act.

Taste of Tallahassee:
A community event in which several local businesses distribute information. Venom Dancers provided entertainment during this annual event.

Be Out Day:
"Be Out Day" is FAMU's annual university picnic. One of the highlights of this event was an on stage perfomance by Venom Dancers Inc.

Striker Gong Show:
The Strikers, a male FAMU dance team, hosts an annual talent show...the Gong Show. As the entertainment for this event, we performed a high-energy dance routine.

Dorm Step Show:
An exciting tradition of Florida A&M's Homecoming activities is the annual Dorm Step Show. Step Teams representing each dorm showcase their skill, creativity and unity. As a part of this event's entertainment, Venom amazed the crowd with a fast-paced precision/funk routine.

Kappa Komedy Show:
This was a comedy showcase hosted by a fraternity of FAMU. We performed a mellow hip-hop routine as entertainment for the show.

National HBCU Day:
National HBCU Day is also known as the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Voting Rally. This event was held outdoors in the Student Union Courtyard. Here, we entertained the crowd with a high-energy routine.

Delta Sigma Theta Black Expo:
At the Delta Black Expo, local black-owned businesses gathered to present their products and services to the Tallahassee community. Venom Dancers Inc. made a special appearance to support this event.

Rattler Basketball Home Games:
Venom Dancers Inc. makes regular appearances at Rattler Boys and Girls basketball games. We perform during half time and do short "time-out" routines.