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FAMU Chapter

Established Fall 1994


For the sake of unity or principle, practice, and procedure, this document is promulgated by the FAMU organization of Venom Dancers, Incorporated so that there may be one final rule by which Venom Dancers Incorporated shall be governed.


Sec. 1 The name of this society shall be called Venom Dancers of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

Sec. 2 The purpose of the dance group is to provide a stress reliever for students attending FAMU. It is designated for a selected group of disciplined, respectable, and distinguished students to perform dance routines involving jazz and modern dance movements with a little pizzazz. It is also formed to provide long lasting friendships with others that share the same dancing interests. It is a serious dance group that believes in perfecting dance routines to serve the public.


Sec. 1 Members of Venom Dancers are required to be:

A. Full time students at florida A&M University with a minimum of 2.0 grade point average,
B. Willing to present Venom Dancers all Venom records, record books, and any Venom material when called upon by the executive board.

Sec. 2 Membership requires successful completion of try-out requirements designated by the presidentand vice-president. There is also space available for those people volunteering to assist the organization.

1. There will be an induction ceremony for all members after they pass try-outs in which the Promise will be recited.


Sec. 1 Venom Dancers shall elect officers as follows:

A. The positions of president and vice-president will be elected by the Venom Dancers of the previous year. In addition, those selected should have demonstrated leadership skills before receiving the offices.
B. All offices in the executive board of Venom Dancers shall be elected by the current Venom Dancers body.
C. The executive board is the leading force in the organization. all actions affecting the group must be reviewed by this board. The board has complete discretion in situations not stated or handled in this constitution.
D. A member of the organization must hold all offices, unless noted otherwise.

Sec. 2 Duties of President:

A. Is chief representative fo Venom Dancers
B. Ensures that the organization is working toard total success
C. Renders final approval of all committee decisions
D. Keeps contact with facility advisor
E. Presides over executive meetings and practices
F. Appoints and provides duties for board members
G. Secures adequate sites for practices and other Venom events

Sec. 3 Duties of Vice President:

A. Assumes all duties of the president in her absence
B. Keeps track of all uniform disbursements and collection
C. Cleans uniforms upon collection from dancers

Sec. 3 Duties of Corresponding Secretary:

A. Keeps minutes of all meetings
B. Submits copies of these meetings to officers
C. Notifies members by phone of all Venom business
D. Types and distributes all literature to members

Sec. 3 Duties of Treasurer:

A. Keeps records of all cash flows for the group
B. Submits records to SGA/ Comptroller's Office officials upon request
C. Composes a budget for the group
D. Has access to all Venom money
E. Maintains all bank accounts
1. The president or treasurer must sign all checks.

Sec. 3 Duties of Business Manager: (this office can be held by a performing or non-performing dancer)

A. Advertisments for the organization verbally and/ or visually
B. Appoints committees to assist in advertisement for the organization
C. Books performances (finds a d.j., if necessary)
D. Oversees the office of Creative Consultant when applicable:
1. Can be held by performing dancer, non-performing dancer, or volunteer.
2. Is solely responsible for all artistic attributes of the dance group (T-shirt designs, flyers, posters, banners, etc.)