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Sharyon Anita Culberson
Years Active: 1995 - 1997
Education: 1998-BA Business Administration
Florida A&M University

Venom Achievements:
Offices Held:
1995-1996 - Chaplain
1996-1997 - Community Service Chairperson

Sharyron, affectionately known as the "female Leo", always brought a certain liveliness to all practices.

Sharyon is a talented actress, comedian, singer, and dancer. While at FAMU she displayed her many talents outside of Venom through performances with the FAMU Essential Theatre and other campus and community artistic productions.

Where is she now?
Sharyon is currently touring with Oui Be Negroes, an African-American Sketch Comedy & Improvisational Troupe based out of her hometown of Chicago, IL.

Advice for current dancers:

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